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Jessi wears two hats as the pharmacy manager and also as a very busy pharmacist. She prides herself in ensuring safe and appropriate medication therapy to every patient, every time – a top priority instilled in her by Mike Donohue, her former mentor. She first worked at Bob’s as a pharmacy assistant in 2003, working her way up to technician before starting pharmacy school at UW. While in school, she alternated between interning and working part-time at Bob’s, trying another pharmacy for a brief time, before returning to Bob’s in 2021. She appreciates the flexibility at Bob’s to offer a variety of services to her patients, which is not the case at every pharmacy. A recent accomplishment of which she is proud is earning her board certification in pharmacotherapy (BCPS). In her free time, Jessi hangs out with her husband and two young kiddos, as well as with extended family in the area. She loves to bake and decorate cakes, and hopes to get back to taking ballet classes when her kids get a little older.